Square Footage

Cost of Upgrades-materials and installation

Utility Rebate

Tax Credit


Consumption Reduction

Annualized Savings

Facility #1

26,340 $9651 $2,973 $15,804 6 months 23.8% $15,200

Facility #2

38,200 $20,314$6085 $22,920 6 months 22% $28,077

Facility #3

50,451 $23,640 $7065 $30,271 5 months 22.3% $23,052

Facility #4

74,738$27,010 $9795 $44,84415 months21.4% $62,254

*Results based on Energy Audits and work completed in 2010. Consumption Reduction and Annualized Savings based on historical data pulled from each site as well as location specific heating degree days and cooling degree days.

*Results will vary based on Unit Cost of Electric, Rebates offered by Utilities, as well as existing and replacement fixtures.

Case Study

Case Study

Sprenger Health Care
Wellington, Ohio, & Amherst, Ohio

Sprenger Health Care completed lighting projects at two of its campuses in 2012: Amherst Manor in Amherst, Ohio, and Elms Retirement Village in Wellington, Ohio. An Efficiency Smart energy consultant worked with specialists from Buerger Energy to provide guidance in the selection of lighting fixtures on the basis of wattage and lighting output…Buerger Energy conducted the initial lighting audit and provided project management…As a result of the upgrades, each facility realized improved lighting quality and reduced energy consumption and operating costs. Additionally, the new lighting reduced the maintenance tasks required, which has improved the overall appearance of the facilities.
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Recent Projects

Maple Knoll Village

Maple Knoll Village

Buerger Energy conducted a lighting audit, made recommendations, and managed the lighting project for Maple Knoll Communities, Cincinnati campus. The Audit conducted by Buerger Energy estimated the project cost to be $163,000, with an estimated $34,000 rebate from the utility, Duke Ohio. Upon completion, the final cost was $7,000 less than estimated. Duke Energy issued a rebate check within a month of project completion for over $30,000 and Maple Knoll will reduce their electric cost by $77,000 per year, yielding a final payback of just over 1.5 years. Let Buerger Energy create an Energy plan for your business today!


St. Leonards

St. Leonards

At the request of CEO, Tim Dressman, Buerger Energy created an innovative program that allows residents and employees of St. Leonard to save money on their home electric bills. Residents and employees will reduce their electric bills by as much as 25%. Buerger Energy leveraged the buying power of St. Leonard to benefit their residents and employees. Let Buerger Energy create a plan for your business today!