LED Lighting-Fact or Fiction

The current lighting trend is LED technology.  Many non-traditional companies are offering LED lighting bulbs and fixtures.   There are several things to consider before buying LEDs.  For example, the most common light bulb is a 60-watt incandescent with a 1500 hour life expectancy and an 820 lumen light output.   An offshore manufacturer is advertising an 8 watt LED as having a 60w equivalent light output available on-line for $27.95.  Further investigation indicates that the light output is only 600 lumens or  more than 25% less light.  This lamp is not Energy Star Rated and will not qualify for most utility rebate programs.  Buerger Energy will advise you on the purchase of lighting that saves energy, last longer, but does not sacrifice light levels and qualifying for rebates.

LED Flood Kit